DRIVE Experiment in Colmar-Berg

News: Monday, 29. September 2014


The DRIVE experiment has been successfully conducted at the training track in Colmar-Berg, Luxembourg. Fifteen drivers volunteered to participate in the validation of the DRIVE protocol, which has been developed by third year PhD student Markus Forster. The aim of the experiment was to show that the so-called shock wave phenomenon can be avoided by coordinating the traffic flow. This was achieved by exchanging driving dynamics between the vehicles using a vehicular network. 

A prototype using a Raspberry Pi and a high frequency GPS receiver has been developed and mounted in every participating vehicle. An audio signal has been used to notify the driver to slowdown in order to avoid traffic perturbations. The preliminary results are promising and a full report will be submitted as part of a journal paper by the end of the year.

Update (14/11/2014): The video recorded by RTL TV Luxembourg is now available online.